Members of the Alliance


1)   Yangling Vocational and Technical College

2)   Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute

3)   Xi’an AeronauticalPolytechnic Institute

4)   Shaaxi Railway Institute

5)   Shaanxi Defence Vocational and Technical College

6)   Xianyang Vocational and Technical College

7)   Xi’an Railway Vocational and Technical Institute

8)   Yan’an Vocational and Technical College

9)   Baoji Vocational and Technical College

10)   Shaanxi Energy Institute

11)   Shanxi Technical College of Finance and Economics

12)   Xi'an Electric Power College

13)   Shaanxi aviation professional technicalinstitute

14)   Shaanxi College of Communication and Technology

15)   Weinan Vocational and Technical College

16)   Shaanxi Business College

17)   Lanzhou Petrochemical College of VocationalTechnology

18)   Qinghai Communication Technical College

19)   Jiuquan Vocational and Technical College

20)   Ningxia Vocational and Technical College ofIndustry and Commerce

21)   Guyuan Vocational and Technical College forMinorities

22)   Ningxia Polytechnic

23)   ZheJiang Technical Institute of Economics

24)   Zhejiang Financial College

25)   Chongqing  Vocational Institute ofEngineering

26)   Xinjiang Agricultural Vocational andTechnical College

27)   Fujian Medical University

28)   Guangdong Industry Technical College

29)   Tianjin Bohai Vocational Technology College

2Foreign cooperation units

1)   INTELITEK-The Americanwholly owned subsidiary of ROBO GROUP (Israel)

2)   Osaka Entertainment Design Institute

3)   BSK International Educational Institutions in Germany

4)   Cégep Marie-Victorin

5)   Box Hill Institute

6)   Ashton College

7)   Samara National Transportation University

8)   Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur

9)   Kharkov National Oscar Warroad Normal University


1)  Seentao Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

2)  Shaanxi Shuang Feng Industrial Co.,Ltd.

3)  Xi’an Superior Wisdom Class EducationalTechnology Co., Ltd.

4)  Beijing Bodao Future Co., Ltd.

5)  Zhixiang Education Co., Ltd. of Dingli Corp.

6)  Sino-German Know How (Beijing) Education InvestmentLimited Co., Ltd.

7)  German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

8)  Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

9)  Shanghai Chiway Education Investment Co., Ltd.

10)   Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

11)   Nanjing Aopai Information Industry Co., Ltd.

12)   China Shipper’s Association

13)   Association of China Commercial Enterprise Management

14)   the Education Committee in Association of ChinaCommercial Enterprise Management

15)   Shenzhen Yiyatong Education Development Co., Ltd.

16)   Shanghai Suren Education Technology Co., Ltd.

17)   Shanghai SIEG Machinery Co., Ltd.

18)   School Industry Enterprise Cooperation in VocationalEducation of the Joint Meeting Office (Shaanxi)

19)   School Industry Enterprise Cooperation in VocationalEducation of the Joint Meeting Office (Sichuan and Chongqing )

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