Xi’an Declaration of the Belt and Road Vocational Education Alliance (BRVEA)(Draft)

Date:Wed, May 10 2017 15:50 Clicks:

Morethan 2000 years ago, the Silk Road, ranging from ancient Chang’an, to Africaand Europe, created economic and cultural prosperity and national fusion. Todaywith the help of multilateral mechanisms and regional cooperation platforms, theBelt and Road will work to build a community of shared interests, destiny andresponsibility featuring mutual political trust, economic integration andcultural inclusiveness and create common prosperity of Eurasia and more regionsin the 21stcentury.

Inorder to respond to the Belt and Road construction and actively practiceJointlybuilding the Belt and Road Education Action,We volunteer to organizeBRVEA, a nongovernmental, unincorporated, non-profit and open internationalvocational education and cooperation platform, contributing to jointdevelopment of human civilization and openness and cooperation of vocationaleducation.

We persist inthe initiative by Chinese government “peace and cooperation, openness andinclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit” and regard it as cooperationprinciples of BRVEA.On the theme of “Jointlybuilding education and cooperation platform and cultural inclusiveness community”,we aim to cultivate high-quality talents with international vision and servethe development of countries and regions along the Belt and Road. We shareeducation resources byactively promoting cooperation and exchange oftechnology, talents and cultures among BRVEA members with annual conferences, forums,etc. so as to achieve the goal--- Joint Development; Shared Prosperity.

Today, we arehere at the starting point of ancient Silk Road, Xi’an, China to promise: BRVEAwill actively organize cooperation and exchange activities with specificthemes, rich contents and various forms for common development of humancivilization, for the openness and cooperation of vocational education, and formutual benefit of people along the Belt and Road so that all BRVEA members cancompose a new epic of the Belt and Road.

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