Notice about the First Conference of BRVEA and First International Vocational Educational Forum

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All Participant Units,

BRVEA, initiated by Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College and approved by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, will hold the First Conferencein Xi’an, Shaanxi province on June 3rd to 5th in 2017, followed by the First International Vocational Education Forum and exchangesamong colleges and enterprises of BRVEA with the theme of "attachingimportance to craftsman, building the platform, seeking cooperation and mutualbenefits". The Forum, pooling experts and ideas to share achievements andexperience, will promote the exchanges and cooperation among foreign anddomestic vocational colleges and enterprises in an all round way and contributeto the development and construction of the countries and regions along the Beltand Road actively. In order to make full preparations for the conference, therelevant particulars are notified as follows.

1. Time Arrangement

June 3: Registration & Preparatory meeting

June 4: Conference

June 5: Exchanges among colleges andenterprises of BREVA

June 6: Departure

2. Place

Golden Flower Hotel Xi’an, Shaanxi (No. 8of West Changle Road, Beilin District, Xi’an)

Providing pick-up service

3. Schedule (Enclosure)

4. Contact Information

 Zhang Fan 18502900674  

 Zheng Ya   18502976697

                                                                                Shaanxi Vocational & Technical College

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